No all deposits are non refundable

If you’ve made partial or full payment for your package we may be able to change the name for a cost of £50.

If you’ve only paid the deposit then you can not transfer your space.

Depending on when you cancel and the circumstances surrounding your cancellation you might be eligible for a partial refund.

Please see our booking terms and conditions for further information.

No, events are inclusive of all prices, we don’t have an option not inclusive of events

No. Unless we explicitly state that an event has open bar or free food you will need to pay for any food or drinks consumed at the events.

No. All triple/quadruple occupancy rooms come with 2 double beds as standard. Whilst we may be able to provide you with a sofa bed or an additional roll out bed this is not guaranteed.

We can request this for you but unfortunately we can not always guarantee your rooms will be next to each other as the hotel assigns rooms to our guests a few days before we check in dependant on availability.

Yes. We are accepting bookings for flights from the UK – flight details will be published in September, but you may reserve a space as soon as you pay your deposit.

Yes. Click here and select events only package at the bottom of the screen

No, we can extend or reduce the amount of days to suit your needs.

No, you are welcome to do your own thing out there.

If you are an EU, UK or US citizen visiting Mexico as a tourist you don’t need a visa, but you do need a tourist card, which you can get on arrival by completing an immigration form available at border crossings or on-board flights to Mexico.

You can use US dollars or Mexican pesos (we recommend Pesos)

The legal drinking age in Cancun (Mexico) is 18 years old.

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